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Even experienced drinkers may have missed a few of these delicious mixes along the way, Consider this a guide to help expand your drink palate.

Long Beach Iced Tea

For a drink that’s boozy AF and packs a punch, I present you the Long Beach Iced Tea. It’s a simple variation of the infamous Long Island Iced Tea and if you’ve tried a Long Island Iced Tea, you know how deceiving the name is, it’s not made with iced tea and doesn’t usually taste like iced tea. It’s a hefty concoction of 5 spirits and a splash of cola, a drink you drink when you’re planning a big night and want to get buzzed quickly but it’s not always easy to get down.

The Long Beach Iced Tea will change the game, it’s as dangerous as it is delicious you’ll be enjoying every sip with the same potency as a long island. We recommend you don’t exceed 4 unless you enjoy the spinning room effect. (Pro tip, try it with fruit flavoured vodka or rum to make it even better)


Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice

Shake well until chilled

Pour mixture, ice and all into a highball glass and top up with cranberry juice

Garnish with a lemon or lime


1 ounce vodka

1 ounce gin

1 ounce tequila

½ ounce rum

½ ounce triple sec

½ ounce lemon juice

cranberry juice

Whiskey or Cognac + Green Tea 

Sticking to the tea drinks, this simple two-ingredient combo is pretty straightforward and makes for easy drinking. All you have to do is trade out the usual cola or ginger ale for some green tea. It’s a staple in Asia but hasn’t really caught on in other parts of the world yet.


Pour your preferred whiskey or cognac into a rock glass with ice

Add Pokka Green Tea or your green tea of choice and enjoy


1.5 ounces whiskey

green tea

Skittle Bomb

Chances are, you’ve had a Jager bomb before. This is basically Jager Bomb’s cousin, a sweeter tasting shooter that literally tastes like Skittles candies. So for those sweet tooths out there, this is your drink. The candy tasting drink is so good, it’s easy to have one to many without realising it.


Fill a one shot glass with Cointreau and one rock glass half way with Red Bull

Drop the shot glass into the rock glass and chug


1 shot Cointreau

1 can red bull  

Japanese Highball

Out with the Skinny Bitch aka Vodka & Soda and in with the Japanese Highball! The preferred alternative to a skinny bitch is also low in calories and isn’t likely to give you a bad hangover. With a Japanese Highball, you can keep your weekends semi-healthy and loosen up without adding to your waistline, your trainer will be proud! It’s also one of the easiest drinks to make, share this drink with your health conscious friends and they’ll be thankful.


Fill a glass with ice and add 1.5 ounces of whiskey

Top with soda water and squeeze in a lemon


1.5 ounces whiskey (preferably Japanese or bourbon)

1 can soda water

Tequila + Tabasco + Orange

Nothing screams party time like tequilaaaa…but have you ever switched out the salt and lime for Tabasco and an orange slice? I’m not sure who made this recipe, or devised this method to put it more accurately and it’s definitely not for everyone but it’s worth giving it a shot just once. You’ll either fall in love with it or never do it again and you might just get transported back to those warm, alcohol-fuelled uni nights. Just be sure to wash your hands after, they could start burning from the Tabasco spice.


Fill a shot glass with Tequila and put a dab of Tabasco on your hand.

Lick the Tabasco, shot the tequila and bite into the slice of orange to chase it all down


1.5 ounces tequila

1 plate of salt

1 bottle of Tabasco

Hot Toddy

Behold, the Hot Toddy, a cocktail to sip on when you’re sick. It’s comforting, flavourful and not medicinal tasting at all! You can use whiskey, brandy, scotch or even rum in this recipe, play around with it because it’s completely open to interpretation. See which suits your taste buds.

You’ll be feeling so warm and snuggly after one of these.


Add whiskey, honey and lemon juice to a mug and top up with hot water

Stir until honey is dissolved and add your garnish


1.5 ounces whiskey

1 tablespoon honey

1.5 ounces lemon juice

1 cup hot water

Garnish with star anise, lemon and cinnamon

Cheers friends, I hope at least one of these mixes tickles your taste buds! We’d love to hear your thoughts and if you have any drink suggestion that we missed out on at info@theboogaloobali.com

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