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It’s been a long-drawn-out year since the news of COVID first hit and the Bali borders shut to the outside world. Unfortunately, a year on and curfews are still in place with social distancing measures keeping us indoors more often than we’d like.

The good news, for Bali residents along with the long-term guests who decided to stick out quarantine on the island, is that you don’t have to miss out on the swanky bar experiences that we all once took for granted.

Bars and restaurants aren’t the only places serving up all the fancy cocktails your heart may desire. The Boogaloo Bali’s got you covered, bringing the bar right to your doorstep with home bartender services available in just a few clicks of a button, and for fraction of the price, you’d spend on a night out.

As a bonus, you’ll get the luxury of drinking past public curfew hours! So, gather your closest friends and family for a socially distanced celebration.

The Perks

Tailored Service

One of the best things about hiring an hourly bartender is the flexibility that comes with it.

Picky about certain mixers or ingredients? Omit them completely, exchange them for something more up your ally or have the bartender mix up a one-of-a-kind cocktail and experiment with flavours. The bartender will be happy to indulge your palette.

More Time Spent with Friends

Events are made special by the memories you make with the company you keep, let our team take care of the work while you relax and enjoy the company of your family and friends.

Less clean up. 

We want to make your experience as comfortable as possible that includes the glassware clearing and cleaning during the event.

How It Works

You’ll have to fill out The Boogaloo’s Hourly Bartender form online to reserve your bartender for the day. Provide as much information about your celebration as possible. In the notes be sure to include a list of your favourite cocktails and any special requests you might have.

Pricing & What’s Included

Hiring an hourly bartender will set you back Rp 150,000 per hour and there is a minimum of 4 hours of service. This base rate covers the bartender’s labour cost and essential cocktail utensils needed to mix up your favourite drinks (mixing cups, jiggers, shakers and bar tools.)

As for the rest, you can either provide it yourself or let our team organize everything for you. We’re here to help and can provide as little or as much bar equipment as needed.

If you hate the prep work that goes into party planning, no problem. Our teams got you covered and can sort out all of the ingredient shopping and bar equipment in advance.

Prefer to be hands-on? Let us guide you along the way.

Keep in mind there is a lot to consider when it comes to a bar set up. To determine what you need and to make sure you don’t forget anything important, follow our bar service checklist below.

Bar Service Check List 

  1. What is the final guest count?
  2. When will your event start and end? Bartenders will show up an hour before the event start time to prep the bar and will do the last call 15 minutes before the event end time.
  3. What will you include on your bar menu?
  4. Will you be providing the alcohol, cocktail ingredients, mixers and ice or would you like to have your bartender help you with the shopping? If you would like to do the shopping yourself but are unsure of exactly what is needed for each cocktail or the quantity of alcohol needed, let us know in the contact form and we’ll send you a list of items to shop for.
  5. Do you have an adequate amount of glassware for all of your guests or will you be using disposable cups? Be sure to consider the types of drinks you will serve guests and the glassware the goes with each drink. For example wine glasses, champagne flutes, tumbler glasses, shots, beer glasses, martini glasses or water goblets. Rental glassware is available if needed.
  6. Would you like us to supply ice and beer coolers?

Drop us an email if you’re ready for your personal bartender to mix up all your favourite cocktails a la minute. Our event specialists are here to help with your planning and answer any questions you may have.

In addition to offering hourly bartenders for hire, The Boogaloo Alcohol Delivery service runs 24/7 making it easy to replenish your liquor stock at any time of the day. Order online or by phone and your spirits will be delivered to your door within the hour.