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World-class surf breaks, colourful Balinese offerings, sacred temples, ice-cold Bintangs and hipster cafes – images that come to mind while daydreaming about Bali… Bali and wine on the other hand, aren’t exactly two words that go hand in hand.

Here at The Boogaloo, we think it’s high time we change that because if you take a closer look, you’ll discover that Bali has a growing wine scene.

And lets face it, wine is more than just a dinner drink that fancy people like to snob about.

It’s a little gateway into serenity and bliss, the perfect brunch or date night companion and an all around great way to get a little boozy with your friends and family, not to mention a chilled glass of white wine is a great antidote to Bali’s sweltering weather!

Armed with the knowledge that wine is a vital part of our daily lives, we decided to get out there and scout out what Bali has to offer and we have to say, we weren’t disappointed. We’ve compiled a list of Bali’s go-to’s from the local wine scene so that the next time you’re in Bali, you’ll have a list of the best.

Wine In Bali

Although the abundant sunshine paired with Bali’s balmy tropical climate doesn’t exactly scream wine weather, there are a handful of wineries that have defied the norms and decided to give wine its little slice of paradise.

Bali’s wine culture has since been growing allowing travellers and locals alike to enjoy a plethora of quality wines.

Hatten Wines

For Bali regulars, Hatten needs no introduction, its Bali’s tried and true go-to winery in operations since 1994. Hatten wines use grapes locally grown in North Bali to create a decadent selection of tasty wines.

More recently Hatten has opened the doors to a world-class wine-lifestyle-boutique, Cellardoor located on Bali’s East coast of Sanur. For wine lovers and lovers of architecture, a visit is highly recommended.

Our go-to top pick from Hatten Wines is their elegant yet affordable Jepun Sparkling Rose. A beautiful pink hued champagne style bubbly perfect for toasting a celebration!

Hatten Jepun Sparkling Rose is a dry wine making for an easy sipping. It smells of strawberries, citrus and tropical fruit and tastes of red berries with a medium acidity.

Two Islands

Two Islands, sister brand to Hatten Wines sets standards of its own. Year in and year out they’re consistently producing top-notch Australian wines at their Sanur winery… But how is that possible you ask?

They do this by importing quality grapes sourced from vineyards across South Australia and importing them to be vinified here on the island.

Best of all, their wines are uber affordable, so you’re getting a great import quality wine without paying import prices. A huge plus in our books!

Two Island’s Pinot Grigio is our go-to. A touch of tart and a touch of sweetness makes this wine a well-balanced choice. If you like a little tart to your wines, this is the one for you.

Side note: Two Island’s wines come with twist tops making it a great wine to bring to the beach, on a trip, your next rendezvous point…or anywhere else really.



Happiness bottled up! Sababay’s winery located in East Bali boasts an adventurous portfolio of wine styles. If you’re travelling as a couple or group, exploring your wine knowledge at their East Bali winery is a fun activity. Try all they have on offer and see what tickles your taste buds!

Our Sababay vino of choice is their White Velvet white wine. A suitable name for the silky smooth liquid.

Hints of pear, green apple and grapefruit accompany its floral fragrance and it pairs exceptionally well with pool swims and day drinking as well as Balinese grilled seafood. Mmmm…


Plaga is the new kid on the block in Bali’s wine world but they’re not playing catch up by any means.

Easy-drinking, affordable, summer vibes kind of wine – that’s Plaga for you. Its trendy vibrant packaging is easy on the eyes and is reason enough to make you want to pick up a bottle and its contents will keep you coming back for more.

Our favourite Plaga tipple is their Chardonnay. A sweet, tangy, smooth number, one you’ll definitely want to try during those boiling Bali days.

Tropical fruit flavours dominate the palate at first sip followed by a zippy, citrusy finishing. Plaga Chardonnay is a great value everyday white wine!


Cape Discovery

Home to a wide selection of crowd-pleasers, Cape Discovery uses Australian and New Zealand grapes to create import quality wines. We know them best for their Cabernet Sauvignon made with grapes grown in Margaret River.

This deep garnet coloured Cabernet Sauvignon is a smooth easy to drink rustic wine that comes with a modest price tag. Indulge in dark berry flavours as you sip, rounded out with a subtle cherry finishing. You really can’t go wrong getting a bottle of Cape Discovery Cabernet Sauvignon.

Isola (Cantine Balita)

Isola Bali’s company mission is “To produce Balinese wines that can challenge global brands” and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing since 2014. Isola offers a small selection of approachable wines that will appeal to even the most hesitant wine drinkers.

Isola White is a budget friendly wine worth trying. The pale gold liquid is created from a blend of grapes carefully selected and manually harvested in Buleleng, Bali.

On the palate you’ll taste an abundance of tropical fruits including banana, mango, pineapple, peach and apricot accented with citrus and jasmine floral scents. This silky fruit forward wine is best served chilled and pairs well with light foods.

We hope you enjoyed our list of Bali wines and have a fun time trying the best wines that Bali has to offer.

Have any suggestions for us? Please let us know at info@theboogaloobali.com

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