Código Blanco

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Código 1530 Blanco is a premium tequila that boasts a pure taste and unparalleled quality. Código 1530 takes pride in every step of the production process, carefully sourcing only the best ingredients, specifically hand selecting the best fully-matured agave, to ensure that each harvest meets their high standards.

The Blanco expression is unrested, never touching a barrel, allowing the rich flavor of the agave to be fully appreciated. The result is an earthy, mineral character that beautifully balances the citrusy sweetness.

Código 1530 Blanco is made using 100% Lowlands Agave and is certified additive-free, kosher, and contains no additives, sweeteners, flavoring, coloring, or chemicals. It’s an award-winning tequila that offers a pure and smooth taste that tequila lovers will surely appreciate.

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