Le Pitre Primitivo Di Manduria

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Originating from Puglia, Italy, Le Pitre Primitivo is a notably complex and robust wine. It carries the distinction of being full-bodied, a characteristic that reflects the richness of the region’s vineyards.

This wine, crafted exclusively from Primitivo grapes, exhibits a vibrant array of scents, with the intensity of red fruit preserves, cherries, and the unique nuance of walnut shells being prominent. The texture of Le Pitre Primitivo is as compelling as its aroma, showcasing a velvety full-bodied structure that creates a harmonious and persistent sensory experience.

The flavor profile of Le Pitre Primitivo lends itself admirably to pairing with robust foods such as red meats and roasts, as well as well-aged cheeses. It effortlessly complements the bold flavors of these dishes, underscoring its versatility.

Alcohol Content 14.50%

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