Grey Goose Vodka

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Best served neat, Grey Goose is go-to premium vodka for many drinkers.

Grey Goose offers a delightfully crisp taste with a subtle sweetness and a smooth finish. This smoothness can be attributed to the fact that Grey Goose is distilled five times. 

Grey Goose is produced entirely in France, from the high quality wheat used in the initial production to the glass and packaging used to bottle the vodka.

Its expertise comes with thanks to its master distiller, who combines alpine spring water with French winter wheat. The result is one of the smoothest vodkas on the market, with a hint of burnt charcoal mixed with a dash of sweetness and a touch of spice.

It’s a vodka that combines superior ingredients and expertise to create a deliciously smooth spirit that’s endlessly enjoyable to drink.

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Grey Goose Vodka is a premium vodka made from two single-origin ingredients, winter wheat from Picardie and spring water from Gensac-la-Pallue, France. The water used in Grey Goose Vodka is naturally filtered through underground limestone so deep it’s untouched by pollutants.

Grey Goose Vodka has a clear, fresh and elegantly aromatic taste. This is a premium vodka of unparalleled smoothness and exceptional taste, with subtle hints of almond and a long, satisfying finish. Grey Goose is an excellent choice on the rocks or mixed into a cocktail.


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