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Bali’s 24/7 Alcohol Delivery

If you feel like a little tipple, The Boogaloo is a licensed liquor store on wheels, delivering happy hour to your doorstep whenever your heart desires.

 Why choose The Boogaloo as your alcohol delivery provider?

Instant Gratification 

Do you want booze, and do you want it now? We’ve got you covered. Stay at home and have all your party supplies, including liquor, ice, chasers, drink mixes and garnishes, delivered in 20-60 minutes: no delivery fees and no order minimums.


Best Prices & Selection

The options are vast! You’ll find the best prices and selection of local and imported beer, wine and liquor. Browse dozens of spirits and try something new, or search for the exact tipple that tickles your fancy.


Personalized Shopping

You can connect with us if you need a recommendation.

If you want to try something different from the usual name brands like Jose CuervoJack Daniel’s, or Smirnoff, or if you need a cocktail recipe, or have questions about how much alcohol you should buy for an upcoming event, you can direct message us on one of our social media handles or send us an email and we’ll share our expertise with you.


Discounts & Promos

We offer unbeatable deals and a range of discounts and promos. Follow our social media pages for weekly updates and save on bulk purchases by sending us an email when you order.


Gift Giving Made Easy

Lift their spirits with a gift they’re sure to appreciate! Have an upcoming wedding, birthday or holiday you can’t make it to? Need a last-minute gift sent stat? We’re here to help. Send friends and family members their favourite beer, wine, or liquor and have it delivered within the hour. 


Reliable Service

Bali’s most reliable alcohol delivery service is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have questions, take advantage of our many years of experience by messaging us through our social media pages for a quick reply.

You can even pre-order your alcohol weeks in advance and schedule the delivery. But don’t try anything funny, teens. You must be able to provide an ID proving you’re at least 21 years old to receive a delivery.


Bar Catering & Bartender Hire

Bali is the island of endless entertainment, and what’s more fun than hostinga party? Full-service bar catering is available for events of all sizes, and cutting corners isn’t our style, so you can rest easy knowing your bar is in good hands. Please email us for a quote or to check out our beer & wine packages.

If you already have a well-stocked bar and don’t need the full bar service, we have house-call bartenders available for hire hourly. Get creative with your menu; our bartenders will make something tasty for you!

Whatever your tipple of choice may be, you can rely on us to make sure you’re sorted.

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